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  1. Top 10 ways to boost sales in your online shop (Part 2)!

    In Part 1 of "10 ways to boost sales in your online shop", we shared the pros and cons of using pop-up links and why it's important to generate "buzz" or "hype" when using a link to your online shop. We also shared five of our top 10 tips for boosting sales in your online shop. 

  2. Top 10 ways to boost sales in your online shop (Part 1)!

    An online shop, also known as a "pop-up link", is a great tool for selling LuLaRoe. Using a 3rd party vendor, like RoeMeOh!, you add your inventory to create an online store, and then send the shop link to all of your customers and fans. Shoppers can easily find what they are looking for, you can track all of your sales and inventory in one centralized location, and perhaps best of all - you never land in Facebook Jail!

  3. Staying out of Facebook jail

    Let’s be honest. We’ve all been in Facebook jail at least once -- and we really wish we had a “get out free” card. Unfortunately, Facebook doesn't share its rules with us on “how to avoid Facebook jail”. It’s a little bit of a guessing game, but here’s what we’ve learned over the past year from our meetings with LuLaRoe consultants and working on RoeMeOh!

  4. Business

    Tips for staying organized as a LuLaRoe consultant

    With any job working from home, it's important to be disciplined, to be able to complete tasks well, and remember to do everything with little guidance or help from someone else. Being a LuLaRoe consultant is no different, and the need for organization is paramount. 

  5. Marketing

    When marketing can lose you customers

    It wasn’t that long ago that home-based sales consultants, irrespective of who they worked for, had limited access to marketing opportunities. Details of new products were spread by word of mouth from one friend to another or by using leaflets to get the information out there to all those potential new customers. Both methods were time-consuming and often costly. Then on February 4th 2004, something happened that would completely open up a wealth of easily accessible, inexpensive marketing opportunities to anyone with internet access and a computer: Facebook was born. It's now one of the most popular social media platforms available.